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Contact us via telephone, email Facebook or Twitter.

We offer a free collection service within a 50mile radius or can travel to your location wherever that maybe. We cover all of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England. We will travel further upon request. 

Again just contact us via telephone or email - and we can re-schedule. Should you have to cancel within 48hrs we may have to charge 50% of the scheduled works.


What is the difference between a Valet & a Detail?

A detail is more a rejuvenation and protection of the vehicles paintwork. Detailing includes the restoration of the cars body as much as possible to factory condition. The detailing of vehicles is far superior to valeting as a lot more care,attention and time is applied. The results are not only exceptional but are also far more durable. The vehicle will look brighter and glossier after each wash. A valet is in most cases a 'deep' clean but carried out quickly - a detail is a fine clean and beyond and involves time and incorporates removal of adhered contaminates PLUS paint correction and thereafter protection. The end results of a Detail result in a vehicle that looks better than when first new. A new car much as it may be new has most probably lain around in various yards before being passed through a quick preparation.


Benefits over using local hand car wash?

Most work on a high numbers basis and hard cutting shampoos and acid based cleaners as well as using abrasive brushes, sponges etc. We spend time on the vehicle to provide a lasting resut and thereafter easier maintenance using the latest special protective products from start to finish.


How often should I have my vehicle cleaned / detailed? 

Your vehicle  should be cleaned  dependant upon:-

• How frequently the vehicle is washed
• What products are used when washing
• Where the vehicle is parked or how stored
• The climate also is a factor, whether the vehicle is subjected to the elements - wind/rain/snow/salty roads etc.


We can offer weekly to year by year maintenace bespoke deals.

We accept cheques, cash or upfront bank transfer. 

If we come to your home then we require access to an exterior water supply plus electrical supply - this prevents disturbing your neighbours with a generator. This also keeps our prices down. 


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